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FlutterView.h File Reference

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protocol  <FlutterViewDelegate>
class  FlutterView


typedef int64_t FlutterViewId


constexpr FlutterViewId kFlutterImplicitViewId = 0ll

Typedef Documentation

◆ FlutterViewId

typedef int64_t FlutterViewId

Definition at line 15 of file FlutterView.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ kFlutterImplicitViewId

constexpr FlutterViewId kFlutterImplicitViewId = 0ll

The view ID for APIs that don't support multi-view.

Some single-view APIs will eventually be replaced by their multi-view variant. During the deprecation period, the single-view APIs will coexist with and work with the multi-view APIs as if the other views don't exist. For backward compatibility, single-view APIs will always operate on the view with this ID. Also, the first view assigned to the engine will also have this ID.

Definition at line 26 of file FlutterView.h.

Referenced by flutter::FlutterCompositor::CreateBackingStore(), and flutter::testing::TEST().