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FlutterKeyboardManager() Category Reference

Instance Methods

(void) - addPrimaryResponder:
(void) - processNextEvent
(void) - performProcessEvent:onFinish:
(void) - dispatchTextEvent:
(void) - buildLayout


id< FlutterKeyboardViewDelegateviewDelegate
NSMutableArray< id< FlutterKeyPrimaryResponder > > * primaryResponders
NSMutableArray< NSEvent * > * pendingEvents
BOOL processingEvent
NSMutableDictionary< NSNumber *, NSNumber * > * layoutMap
NSEvent * eventBeingDispatched

Detailed Description

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Method Documentation

◆ addPrimaryResponder:

- (void) addPrimaryResponder: (nonnull id< FlutterKeyPrimaryResponder >)  responder

Add a primary responder, which asynchronously decides whether to handle an event.

◆ buildLayout

- (void) buildLayout

Clears the current layout and build a new one based on the current layout.

◆ dispatchTextEvent:

- (void) dispatchTextEvent: (nonnull NSEvent *)  pendingEvent

Dispatch an event that's not hadled by the responders to text input plugin, and potentially to the next responder.

◆ performProcessEvent:onFinish:

- (void) performProcessEvent: (NSEvent *)  event
onFinish: (nonnull VoidBlock)  onFinish 

Implement how to process an event.

The onFinish must be called eventually, either during this function or asynchronously later, otherwise the event queue will be stuck.

This function is called by processNextEvent.

◆ processNextEvent

- (void) processNextEvent

Start processing the next event if not started already.

This function might initiate an async process, whose callback calls this function again.

Property Documentation

◆ eventBeingDispatched

- (NSEvent*) eventBeingDispatched

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◆ layoutMap

- (NSMutableDictionary<NSNumber*, NSNumber*>*) layoutMap

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◆ pendingEvents

- (NSMutableArray<NSEvent*>*) pendingEvents

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◆ primaryResponders

- (NSMutableArray<id<FlutterKeyPrimaryResponder> >*) primaryResponders

The primary responders added by addPrimaryResponder.

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◆ processingEvent

- (BOOL) processingEvent

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◆ viewDelegate

- (id<FlutterKeyboardViewDelegate>) viewDelegate

The text input plugin set by initialization.

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