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FlutterTextInputPlugin() Category Reference

Instance Methods

(void) - handleMethodCall:result:
(void) - setEditingState:
(void) - updateEditState
(void) - updateEditStateWithDelta:
(void) - updateTextAndSelection
(NSString *) - textAffinityString


NSTextInputContext * textInputContext
BOOL shown
uint64_t previouslyPressedFlags
FlutterTextAffinity textAffinity
NSNumber * clientID
NSString * inputType
NSString * inputAction
BOOL eventProducedOutput
BOOL enableDeltaModel
NSMutableArray * pendingSelectors
NSString * customRunLoopMode

Detailed Description

Private properties of FlutterTextInputPlugin.

Definition at line 205 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

Method Documentation

◆ handleMethodCall:result:

- (void) handleMethodCall: (FlutterMethodCall *)  call
result: (FlutterResult result 

Handles a Flutter system message on the text input channel.

◆ setEditingState:

- (void) setEditingState: (NSDictionary *)  state

Updates the text input model with state received from the framework via the TextInput.setEditingState message.

◆ textAffinityString

- (NSString*) textAffinityString

Return the string representation of the current textAffinity as it should be sent over the FlutterMethodChannel.

◆ updateEditState

- (void) updateEditState

Informs the Flutter framework of changes to the text input model's state by sending the entire new state.

◆ updateEditStateWithDelta:

- (void) updateEditStateWithDelta: (const flutter::TextEditingDelta delta

Informs the Flutter framework of changes to the text input model's state by sending only the difference.

◆ updateTextAndSelection

- (void) updateTextAndSelection

Updates the stringValue and selectedRange that stored in the NSTextView interface that this plugin inherits from.

If there is a FlutterTextField uses this plugin as its field editor, this method will update the stringValue and selectedRange through the API of the FlutterTextField.

Property Documentation

◆ channel

- (FlutterMethodChannel*) channel

The channel used to communicate with Flutter.

Definition at line 215 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ clientID

- (NSNumber*) clientID

ID of the text input client.

Definition at line 242 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ customRunLoopMode

- (NSString*) customRunLoopMode

Allow overriding run loop mode for test.

Definition at line 319 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ enableDeltaModel

- (BOOL) enableDeltaModel

Whether to enable the sending of text input updates from the engine to the framework as TextEditingDeltas rather than as one TextEditingValue. For more information on the delta model, see: https://master-api.flutter.dev/flutter/services/TextInputConfiguration/enableDeltaModel.html

Definition at line 269 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ eventProducedOutput

- (BOOL) eventProducedOutput

Set to true if the last event fed to the input context produced a text editing command or text output. It is reset to false at the beginning of every key event, and is only used while processing this event.

Definition at line 261 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ flutterViewController

- (FlutterViewController*) flutterViewController

The FlutterViewController to manage input for.

Definition at line 220 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ inputAction

- (NSString*) inputAction

An action requested by the user on the input client. See available options: https://api.flutter.dev/flutter/services/TextInputAction-class.html

Definition at line 254 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ inputType

- (NSString*) inputType

Keyboard type of the client. See available options: https://api.flutter.dev/flutter/services/TextInputType-class.html

Definition at line 248 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ pendingSelectors

- (NSMutableArray*) pendingSelectors

Used to gather multiple selectors performed in one run loop turn. These will be all sent in one platform channel call so that the framework can process them in single microtask.

Definition at line 276 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ previouslyPressedFlags

- (uint64_t) previouslyPressedFlags

The current state of the keyboard and pressed keys.

Definition at line 232 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ shown

- (BOOL) shown

Whether the text input is shown in the view.

Defaults to TRUE on startup.

Definition at line 227 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ textAffinity

- (FlutterTextAffinity) textAffinity

The affinity for the current cursor position.

Definition at line 237 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ textInputContext

- (NSTextInputContext*) textInputContext

A text input context, representing a connection to the Cocoa text input system.

Definition at line 210 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

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