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#import <FlutterViewController.h>

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<FlutterPluginRegistry> AccessibilityBridgeTestViewController MouseEventFlutterViewController TextInputTestViewController

Instance Methods

(nonnull instancetype) - initWithProject:
(nonnull instancetype) - initWithNibName:bundle:
(nonnull instancetype) - initWithCoder:
(nonnull instancetype) - initWithEngine:nibName:bundle:
(BOOL) - attached
(void) - onPreEngineRestart
(nonnull NSString *) - lookupKeyForAsset:
(nonnull NSString *) - lookupKeyForAsset:fromPackage:
(void) - onAccessibilityStatusChanged:
(std::shared_ptr< flutter::AccessibilityBridgeMac >) - createAccessibilityBridgeWithEngine:
(nonnull FlutterView *) - createFlutterViewWithMTLDevice:commandQueue:
- Instance Methods inherited from <FlutterPluginRegistry>
(nonnull id< FlutterPluginRegistrar >) - registrarForPlugin:
(nullable NSObject *) - valuePublishedByPlugin:


FlutterMouseTrackingMode mouseTrackingMode
NSColor * backgroundColor

Detailed Description

Controls a view that displays Flutter content and manages input.

A FlutterViewController works with a FlutterEngine. Upon creation, the view controller is always added to an engine, either a given engine, or it implicitly creates an engine and add itself to that engine.

The FlutterEngine assigns each view controller attached to it a unique ID. Each view controller corresponds to a view, and the ID is used by the framework to specify which view to operate.

A FlutterViewController can also be unattached to an engine after it is manually unset from the engine, or transiently during the initialization process. An unattached view controller is invalid. Whether the view controller is attached can be queried using attached (FlutterViewController).

The FlutterViewController strongly references the FlutterEngine, while the engine weakly the view controller. When a FlutterViewController is deallocated, it automatically removes itself from its attached engine. When a FlutterEngine has no FlutterViewControllers attached, it might shut down itself or not depending on its configuration.

Definition at line 65 of file FlutterViewController.h.

Method Documentation

◆ attached

- (BOOL) attached

Return YES if the view controller is attached to an engine.

Definition at line 518 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

518  {
519  return _engine != nil;
520 }

◆ createAccessibilityBridgeWithEngine:

- (shared_ptr<)flutter: (nonnull FlutterEngine *)  engine

◆ createFlutterViewWithMTLDevice:commandQueue:

- (nonnull FlutterView*) createFlutterViewWithMTLDevice: (nonnull id< MTLDevice >)  device
commandQueue: (nonnull id< MTLCommandQueue >)  commandQueue 

Provided by category FlutterViewController(TestMethods).

◆ initWithCoder:

- (nonnull instancetype) initWithCoder: (nonnull NSCoder *)  NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER

◆ initWithEngine:nibName:bundle:

- (instancetype) initWithEngine: (nonnull FlutterEngine*)  engine
nibName: (nullable NSString*)  nibName
bundle: (nullable NSBundle*)  NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER 

Initializes this FlutterViewController with an existing FlutterEngine.

The initialized view controller will add itself to the engine as part of this process.

This initializer is suitable for both the first Flutter view controller and the following ones of the app.

engineThe FlutterEngine instance to attach to. Cannot be nil.
nibNameThe NIB name to initialize this controller with.
nibBundleThe NIB bundle.

Definition at line 392 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

392  :(nonnull FlutterEngine*)engine
393  nibName:(nullable NSString*)nibName
394  bundle:(nullable NSBundle*)nibBundle {
395  NSAssert(engine != nil, @"Engine is required");
397  self = [super initWithNibName:nibName bundle:nibBundle];
398  if (self) {
399  CommonInit(self, engine);
400  }
402  return self;
403 }

◆ initWithNibName:bundle:

- (nonnull instancetype) initWithNibName: (nullable NSString *)  nibNameOrNil
bundle: (nullable NSBundle *)  NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER 

◆ initWithProject:

- (instancetype) initWithProject: (nullable FlutterDartProject*)  NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER

Initializes a controller that will run the given project.

In this initializer, this controller creates an engine, and is attached to that engine as the default controller. In this way, this controller can not be set to other engines. This initializer is suitable for the first Flutter view controller of the app. To use the controller with an existing engine, use initWithEngine:nibName:bundle: instead.

projectThe project to run in this view controller. If nil, a default FlutterDartProject will be used.

Definition at line 383 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

383  :(nullable FlutterDartProject*)project {
384  self = [super initWithNibName:nil bundle:nil];
385  NSAssert(self, @"Super init cannot be nil");
387  _project = project;
388  CommonInit(self, nil);
389  return self;
390 }

References _project.

◆ lookupKeyForAsset:

- (nonnull NSString*) lookupKeyForAsset: (nonnull NSString *)  asset

Returns the file name for the given asset. The returned file name can be used to access the asset in the application's main bundle.

assetThe name of the asset. The name can be hierarchical.
The file name to be used for lookup in the main bundle.

Referenced by FlutterViewControllerTestObjC::testLookupKeyAssets.

◆ lookupKeyForAsset:fromPackage:

- (nonnull NSString*) lookupKeyForAsset: (nonnull NSString *)  asset
fromPackage: (nonnull NSString *)  package 

Returns the file name for the given asset which originates from the specified package. The returned file name can be used to access the asset in the application's main bundle.

assetThe name of the asset. The name can be hierarchical.
packageThe name of the package from which the asset originates.
The file name to be used for lookup in the main bundle.

Referenced by FlutterViewControllerTestObjC::testLookupKeyAssetsWithPackage.

◆ onAccessibilityStatusChanged:

- (void) onAccessibilityStatusChanged: (BOOL)  enabled

Provided by category FlutterViewController(TestMethods).

Referenced by flutter::testing::TEST_F().

◆ onPreEngineRestart

- (void) onPreEngineRestart

Invoked by the engine right before the engine is restarted.

This should reset states to as if the application has just started. It usually indicates a hot restart (Shift-R in Flutter CLI.)

Definition at line 477 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

477  {
478  [self initializeKeyboard];
479 }

Referenced by FlutterViewControllerTestObjC::testKeyboardIsRestartedOnEngineRestart:.

Property Documentation

◆ backgroundColor

- (NSColor*) backgroundColor

The contentView (FlutterView)'s background color is set to black during its instantiation.

The containing layer's color can be set to the NSColor provided to this method.

For example, the background may be set after the FlutterViewController is instantiated in MainFlutterWindow.swift in the Flutter project. ```swift import Cocoa import FlutterMacOS

class MainFlutterWindow: NSWindow { override func awakeFromNib() { let flutterViewController = FlutterViewController()

// The background color of the window and FlutterViewController // are retained separately. // // In this example, both the MainFlutterWindow and FlutterViewController's // FlutterView's backgroundColor are set to clear to achieve a fully // transparent effect. // // If the window's background color is not set, it will use the system // default. // // If the FlutterView's color is not set via FlutterViewController.setBackgroundColor // it's default will be black. self.backgroundColor = NSColor.clear flutterViewController.backgroundColor = NSColor.clear

let windowFrame = self.frame self.contentViewController = flutterViewController self.setFrame(windowFrame, display: true)

RegisterGeneratedPlugins(registry: flutterViewController)

super.awakeFromNib() } } ```

Definition at line 191 of file FlutterViewController.h.

Referenced by flutter::testing::TEST_F().

◆ engine

- (FlutterEngine*) engine

The Flutter engine associated with this view controller.

Definition at line 70 of file FlutterViewController.h.

Referenced by AccessibilityBridgeTestViewController::createAccessibilityBridgeWithEngine:, flutter::testing::TEST(), and flutter::testing::TEST_F().

◆ mouseTrackingMode

- (FlutterMouseTrackingMode) mouseTrackingMode

The style of mouse tracking to use for the view. Defaults to FlutterMouseTrackingModeInKeyWindow.

Definition at line 76 of file FlutterViewController.h.

Referenced by flutter::testing::TEST_F().

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