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FakeAppDelegatePlugin Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FakeAppDelegatePlugin:
<FlutterPlugin> <FlutterAppLifecycleDelegate>

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from <FlutterPlugin>
(void) - handleMethodCall:result:
- Instance Methods inherited from <FlutterAppLifecycleDelegate>
(void) - handleWillFinishLaunching:
(void) - handleDidFinishLaunching:
(void) - handleWillBecomeActive:
(void) - handleDidBecomeActive:
(void) - handleWillResignActive:
(void) - handleDidResignActive:
(void) - handleWillHide:
(void) - handleDidHide:
(void) - handleWillUnhide:
(void) - handleDidUnhide:
(void) - handleDidChangeScreenParameters:
(void) - handleDidChangeOcclusionState:
(BOOL) - handleOpenURLs:
(void) - handleWillTerminate:
- Class Methods inherited from <FlutterPlugin>
(void) + registerWithRegistrar:

Detailed Description

Definition at line 111 of file FlutterEngineTest.mm.

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