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FlutterChannelKeyResponder Class Reference

#import <FlutterChannelKeyResponder.h>

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Instance Methods

(nonnull instancetype) - initWithChannel:
- Instance Methods inherited from <FlutterKeyPrimaryResponder>
(void) - handleEvent:callback:
(void) - syncModifiersIfNeeded:timestamp:

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from <FlutterKeyPrimaryResponder>
NSMutableDictionary< NSNumber *, NSNumber * > * layoutMap

Detailed Description

A primary responder of |FlutterKeyboardManager| that handles events by sending the raw information through the method channel.

This class communicates with the RawKeyboard API in the framework.

Definition at line 17 of file FlutterChannelKeyResponder.h.

Method Documentation

◆ initWithChannel:

- (nonnull instancetype) initWithChannel: (nonnull FlutterBasicMessageChannel*)  channel

Create an instance by specifying the method channel to use.

Definition at line 34 of file FlutterChannelKeyResponder.mm.

34  :(nonnull FlutterBasicMessageChannel*)channel {
35  self = [super init];
36  if (self != nil) {
37  _channel = channel;
38  _previouslyPressedFlags = 0;
39  }
40  return self;
41 }

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