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#import <FlutterEngine_Internal.h>

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Instance Methods

(nullable FlutterViewController *) - viewControllerForId:
(void) - registerViewController:forId:
(void) - deregisterViewControllerForId:
(void) - shutDownIfNeeded
(void) - sendUserLocales
(void) - engineCallbackOnPlatformMessage:
(void) - engineCallbackOnPreEngineRestart
(void) - postMainThreadTask:targetTimeInNanoseconds:
(void) - loadAOTData:
(void) - setUpPlatformViewChannel
(void) - setUpAccessibilityChannel
(void) - handleMethodCall:result:
(void) - addViewController:
(void) - removeViewController:
(nullable FlutterViewController *) - viewControllerForId:
(void) - updateWindowMetricsForViewController:
(void) - sendPointerEvent:
(void) - sendKeyEvent:callback:userData:
(BOOL) - registerTextureWithID:
(BOOL) - markTextureFrameAvailable:
(BOOL) - unregisterTextureWithID:
(nonnull FlutterPlatformViewController *) - platformViewController
(void) - setApplicationState:
(void) - dispatchSemanticsAction:toTarget:withData:
(void) - handleAccessibilityEvent:
(void) - announceAccessibilityMessage:withPriority:


NSMutableArray< NSNumber * > * isResponseValid
NSPointerArray * pluginAppDelegates
NSMutableDictionary< NSString *, FlutterEngineRegistrar * > * pluginRegistrars
BOOL running
FlutterEngineProcTable & embedderAPI
BOOL semanticsEnabled
NSString * executableName
std::vector< std::string > switches

Detailed Description

Private interface declaration for FlutterEngine.

Definition at line 86 of file FlutterEngine.mm.

Method Documentation

◆ addViewController:

- (void) addViewController: (FlutterViewController *)  viewController

Attach a view controller to the engine as its default controller.

Practically, since FlutterEngine can only be attached with one controller, the given controller, if successfully attached, will always have the default view ID kFlutterImplicitViewId.

The engine holds a weak reference to the attached view controller.

If the given view controller is already attached to an engine, this call throws an assertion.

◆ announceAccessibilityMessage:withPriority:

- (void) announceAccessibilityMessage: (NSString *)  message
withPriority: (NSAccessibilityPriorityLevel)  priority 

Announces accessibility messages.

◆ deregisterViewControllerForId:

- (void) deregisterViewControllerForId: (FlutterViewId viewId

An internal method that removes the view controller with the given ID.

This method clears the ID of the controller, removes the controller from the map. This is an no-op if the view ID is not associated with any view controllers.

◆ dispatchSemanticsAction:toTarget:withData:

- (void) dispatchSemanticsAction: (FlutterSemanticsAction)  action
toTarget: (uint16_t)  target
withData: (fml::MallocMapping)  data 

Dispatches semantics action back to the framework. The semantics must be enabled by calling the updateSemanticsEnabled before dispatching semantics actions.

◆ engineCallbackOnPlatformMessage:

- (void) engineCallbackOnPlatformMessage: (const FlutterPlatformMessage *)  message

Handles a platform message from the engine.

◆ engineCallbackOnPreEngineRestart

- (void) engineCallbackOnPreEngineRestart

Invoked right before the engine is restarted.

This should reset states to as if the application has just started. It usually indicates a hot restart (Shift-R in Flutter CLI.)

◆ handleAccessibilityEvent:

- (void) handleAccessibilityEvent: (NSDictionary< NSString *, id > *)  annotatedEvent

Handles accessibility events.

◆ handleMethodCall:result:

- (void) handleMethodCall: (FlutterMethodCall *)  call
result: (FlutterResult result 

Handles messages received from the Flutter engine on the _*Channel channels.

◆ loadAOTData:

- (void) loadAOTData: (NSString *)  assetsDir

Loads the AOT snapshots and instructions from the elf bundle (app_elf_snapshot.so) into _aotData, if it is present in the assets directory.

◆ markTextureFrameAvailable:

- (BOOL) markTextureFrameAvailable: (int64_t)  textureID

Marks texture with the given id as available. Returns YES on success.

◆ platformViewController

- (nonnull FlutterPlatformViewController*) platformViewController

◆ postMainThreadTask:targetTimeInNanoseconds:

- (void) postMainThreadTask: (FlutterTask)  task
targetTimeInNanoseconds: (uint64_t)  targetTime 

Requests that the task be posted back the to the Flutter engine at the target time. The target time is in the clock used by the Flutter engine.

◆ registerTextureWithID:

- (BOOL) registerTextureWithID: (int64_t)  textureId

Registers an external texture with the given id. Returns YES on success.

◆ registerViewController:forId:

- (void) registerViewController: (FlutterViewController *)  controller
forId: (FlutterViewId viewId 

An internal method that adds the view controller with the given ID.

This method assigns the controller with the ID, puts the controller into the map, and does assertions related to the implicit view ID.

◆ removeViewController:

- (void) removeViewController: (FlutterViewController *)  viewController

Dissociate the given view controller from this engine.

If the view controller is not associated with this engine, this call throws an assertion.

Practically, since FlutterEngine can only be attached with one controller for now, the given controller must be the current view controller.

◆ sendKeyEvent:callback:userData:

- (void) sendKeyEvent: (const FlutterKeyEvent &)  event
callback: (nullable FlutterKeyEventCallback)  callback
userData: (nullable void *)  userData 

Dispatches the given pointer event data to engine.

◆ sendPointerEvent:

- (void) sendPointerEvent: (const FlutterPointerEvent &)  event

Dispatches the given pointer event data to engine.

◆ sendUserLocales

- (void) sendUserLocales

Sends the list of user-preferred locales to the Flutter engine.

◆ setApplicationState:

- (void) setApplicationState: (flutter::AppLifecycleState state

Handles changes to the application state, sending them to the framework.

stateOne of the lifecycle constants in app_lifecycle_state.h, corresponding to the Dart enum AppLifecycleState.

◆ setUpAccessibilityChannel

- (void) setUpAccessibilityChannel

Creates an accessibility channel and sets up the message handler.

◆ setUpPlatformViewChannel

- (void) setUpPlatformViewChannel

Creates a platform view channel and sets up the method handler.

◆ shutDownIfNeeded

- (void) shutDownIfNeeded

Shuts down the engine if view requirement is not met, and headless execution is not allowed.

◆ unregisterTextureWithID:

- (BOOL) unregisterTextureWithID: (int64_t)  textureID

Unregisters an external texture with the given id. Returns YES on success.

◆ updateWindowMetricsForViewController:

- (void) updateWindowMetricsForViewController: (FlutterViewController *)  viewController

Informs the engine that the specified view controller's window metrics have changed.

◆ viewControllerForId: [1/2]

- (nullable FlutterViewController*) viewControllerForId: (FlutterViewId viewId

◆ viewControllerForId: [2/2]

- (nullable FlutterViewController*) viewControllerForId: (FlutterViewId viewId

The |FlutterViewController| associated with the given view ID, if any.

Property Documentation

◆ embedderAPI

- (FlutterEngineProcTable&) embedderAPI

Function pointers for interacting with the embedder.h API.

Definition at line 94 of file FlutterEngine_Internal.h.

◆ executableName

- (NSString*) executableName

The executable name for the current process.

Definition at line 105 of file FlutterEngine_Internal.h.

◆ isResponseValid

- (NSMutableArray<NSNumber*>*) isResponseValid

A mutable array that holds one bool value that determines if responses to platform messages are clear to execute. This value should be read or written only inside of a synchronized block and will return NO after the FlutterEngine has been dealloc'd.

Definition at line 93 of file FlutterEngine.mm.

◆ pasteboard

- (FlutterPasteboard*) pasteboard

This just returns the NSPasteboard so that it can be mocked in the tests.

Definition at line 110 of file FlutterEngine_Internal.h.

◆ pluginAppDelegates

- (NSPointerArray*) pluginAppDelegates

All delegates added via plugin calls to addApplicationDelegate.

Definition at line 98 of file FlutterEngine.mm.

◆ pluginRegistrars

- (NSMutableDictionary<NSString*, FlutterEngineRegistrar*>*) pluginRegistrars

All registrars returned from registrarForPlugin:

Definition at line 104 of file FlutterEngine.mm.

◆ renderer

- (FlutterRenderer*) renderer

Provides the renderer config needed to initialize the engine and also handles external texture management.

Definition at line 89 of file FlutterEngine_Internal.h.

◆ running

- (BOOL) running

True if the engine is currently running.

Definition at line 83 of file FlutterEngine_Internal.h.

◆ semanticsEnabled

- (BOOL) semanticsEnabled

True if the semantics is enabled. The Flutter framework starts sending semantics update through the embedder as soon as it is set to YES.

Definition at line 100 of file FlutterEngine_Internal.h.

◆ switches

- (vector<)std:

The command line arguments array for the engine.

Definition at line 115 of file FlutterEngine_Internal.h.

◆ terminationHandler

- (FlutterEngineTerminationHandler*) terminationHandler

Provides the |FlutterEngineTerminationHandler| to be used for this engine.

Definition at line 120 of file FlutterEngine_Internal.h.

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