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Instance Methods

(void) - setBackgroundColor:

Detailed Description

FlutterViewWrapper is a convenience class that wraps a FlutterView and provides a mechanism to attach AppKit views such as FlutterTextField without affecting the accessibility subtree of the wrapped FlutterView itself.

The FlutterViewController uses this class to create its content view. When any of the accessibility services (e.g. VoiceOver) is turned on, the accessibility bridge creates FlutterTextFields that interact with the service. The bridge has to attach the FlutterTextField somewhere in the view hierarchy in order for the FlutterTextField to interact correctly with VoiceOver. Those FlutterTextFields will be attached to this view so that they won't affect the accessibility subtree of FlutterView.

Definition at line 163 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

Method Documentation

◆ setBackgroundColor:

- (void) setBackgroundColor: (NSColor*)  color

Definition at line 277 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

277  :(NSColor*)color {
278  [_flutterView setBackgroundColor:color];
279 }

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